• jodyhighrollerNEW $32,000 MTV DiAMOND CHAiN .... MTV RiFF RaFF CHAiN

  • witalit@ajdubz21 Look get off Riff Raffs dick, how can you honestly say this guy is a talented artist? Get the fuck out! Why you hating, all these haters blah blah thats all I hear when someones negative about an artist. You need to realise everyone has their own opinion, seriously though Riff Raff is a complete pile of shit. I've listened to my fair share of shit rap but this guy is a joke.
  • aj_junior310@witalit get a fuckin life faggot let me get this straight u go am artists page u don't like to hate on them. Sounds like a little bitch to me I don't even like his music but respect his grind let me know when big names like snoop are following u on Twitter until then stfu
  • aj_junior310To*
  • witalitNo @ajdubz21 thats not all what I said... I was saying people screaming hater hater is all I see when people post negative comments on artists photos. Same old story everytime people labelled with 'hater' now thats some faggot shit. Respect his grind.. Dude he's a fake rapper he ain't on a 'grind'. He probably does fuck all everyday and smokes weed.
  • witalit*Not at all
  • itsspanishRiff Raff #Respect Nigga.!
  • dmillz304Them ear rings r the juice
  • pillarofsocietyRap game my so called life
  • vvscairoThat's actually a dope chain
  • vishalogy300@jodyhighroller fake the middle of the mall shit
  • wolfgang1994You have broke this chain on 101 barz why ?
  • bobbyturkalino_RAP GAME MTV
  • 1_86_9lmao clown costume jewelry .. Try getting natural diamonds not color injected man made garbage
  • joeywaytooturnt@devilsdenbully86 brown and gold diamonds aint man made dumb ass
  • nine_o5Lame ass fake ass fuck stop makin white people look bad
  • malis_greenGold is the must use lab diamond color . I got a broke ass homie with the same chain them saw it on eBay$199
  • eggroll92Them boys hatin cause they can't spend 32000$ on jewlery
  • rigomenendez@owen_17
  • tae00h@_georgia_peaches_ check the earrings tho..
  • connor.wooAin't going to find dis shit in the middle the mall @jodyhighroller
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