September's RollingStone ;)
  • rondarouseySeptember's RollingStone ;)

  • ialsanteThis was the only article I read it it, I flipped through and saw only one MMA article and that was it
  • ccarrolinneCongrats on yur big winnnn!! @kittypurrker
  • angel_verduzco96"Kim kardashian , lube not shoes" lol xD
  • fernandopuccia@gettinggnarly yeah yeah, tiny little ronda fanboy. You are a genious man and me and @swaggmoneyy are dumb in your magic little world.
  • adrianopipoca@rondarousey You ARE the best!!!
  • angrimussMega Megu is the current g.o.a.t
  • gettinggnarly@fernandopuccia Lol,my opinions are based on facts and the way I see it is she is not getting beat anytime soon. And if she keeps winning with an armbar under a minute every fight. So be it. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Simple as that. Now quit being butt hurt.
  • micah.gallardo@stafini the armbar is all she does, that's because she has the opportunity she's only had 1 fight out of 9 that has been last the second round. The opponent knows the armbar is coming and yet they can't stop it that's great set up and technique
  • joediano77Congrats on that article
  • king__kkylieTrue dat
  • fernandopuccia@gettinggnarly ok fanboy. So your facts can predict the future. MMA are not only armbars and she is way far from being goat, fanboy.
  • gettinggnarlyLolol, never said my facts could predict the future nor did I say she was the greatest of all time. She is running shit right now and seeing what she brings to the table and seeing what the other ladies have.. it's just difficult to see what anyone can do with her. She can be beat and she knows that. Come'on son stop hating on someone making history. Try being more humble and less butthurt #fanboyftw
  • m0nstarsPlease kick Kim K's ass
  • remingtonweiTeam #rousey for life!! :)
  • biglerFemale Fedor
  • 10slimNice!
  • elliottvwYou go Ronda I am a big fan!!!
  • thefitnessfairydotcomWhy did they have to bring kk into it?
  • roxy_ambroseKnock the fuck outta kim!
  • insaneinnovationsllc@rondarousey ... it's time to come back.
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