this week's PEOPLE - @snooki introduces #adorable #newborn Lorenzo #fistpump
  • peoplethis week's PEOPLE - @snooki introduces #adorable #newborn Lorenzo #fistpump

  • passionate_dreamsHe is so adorable! The best baby of 2012, in my opinion
  • jjasilI feel sorry for him already
  • alayna.m13Awww hes sooo cute
  • lizcancookPoor child
  • forevamomsgirlShe looks like the dog dentures commercial!
  • kylove88Woo hoo!!
  • schay.gLol @ dog comment!! Seriously though. No one cares!!!
  • mamamegan1219That'll be one issue I don't buy!! He's about a week old and she's already letting people in. She's doing it for the Damn money. No one cares about her!
  • melnhbWow. People lowering their standards. Sad
  • celia4everGod bless him very adorable.
  • shellyg1965He is cute!
  • maribel0725Let her do Watever she Wants geesh ppl these days.. Besides hes adorable i would want the Whole world to see my new born too !
  • cassandramarquez_Some of you people are so ignorant and childish . She waned to share her joy with the world just like you people would! Now Shutup And Your Guys Age !
  • timeflies92I live how people know her well enough to say she is a bad mother unless you are her friend or someone on a personal level with her then you have no right to judge. Juust be happy she has a new part of her family
  • timeflies92Love*
  • julieecardilloTHAT IS IT RIGHT THERE❤
  • ocrazydiamondSnooki could play Mary Ann
  • _taytaygram@timeflies92 I agree I mean look at nicole richie she was a hot mess and now she is a fabulous mother, I think snooki will be fine you can tell she really loves her kid already
  • aidanhicks101@peoplemag @snookinic thank you so much for this issue. I love it to death. I putted it in my Snooki Collection.
  • peraltajakeCute
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