1000th photo: my first time skating.
  • tonyhawk1000th photo: my first time skating.

  • sarahbonner_T ❤
  • janolapThe biggest !!
  • hansenanton@jsnprtr yes we have quotes but you can still try to write proper english..
  • nickibeans@tonyhawk mystery solved! At least now we know the old man wasn't all crazy. He would tell my son and his friend everyday they skated in front of that house the same stories about you living there. And how my son (he was 5 at the time) reminded him of you. Cuz you looked so much alike. riiiigght..... this same man called my boy half breed because I'm Mexican and the hubs is.....not. Ya, so we pretty much dismissed him as crazy. HA! That old house is now a halfway house -Small world-
  • nickibeansP.S. my youngest son (6 yrs) is obsessed with all things "Tony Hawk" In fact he's sporting a TH hoody first day of school tomorrow. He pretends he's you every time he skates on his -"cheap board"- to him anything not Tony Hawk is cheap. Haha! Crazy kid. Skate or die dude ;)
  • pedrovaldez777Classic! Rock on hawk!
  • jporter143@hansenanton when it's a quote... It's how they said it. It wasn't me who said it.
  • ridegoofyA truly legendary moment :D
  • madameiblisRiding like a surfboard.
  • nrnipppsHe's already ripping
  • skate3legend4414I remember my first time
  • srzeee@hansenanton just a side note. Most people in America who claim english as their first language, very rarely use proper english. You jus gonna have to deal brotha.
  • hansenanton@srzeee okey i feel you 👊👍
  • zampadavide@tonyhawk man this was the best time ever of skateboarding
  • arukadeathYeah bare foot!!!
  • xx_vinny2231_xxThat beast
  • cool_kid_erika_Like a pro
  • ryanmoore45Nice
  • vandy_iiso cute!!! 😄
  • _javier.idk_Sup tony I'm a huge fan of your work and I wish I could skate with you man
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