@kevin in Yakatori Alley last night
  • nicole@kevin in Yakatori Alley last night

  • childsplayDig it. You guys should hit up Craftheads or Popeye's. Crazy good beer.
  • doug#favori is my favorite Belgian beer bar in Tokyo. Had a Black Pale Ale (BPA) at Popeye's long before the rest of the world figured that one out :)
  • kozue_1020Uhhh what's up with being in the country and not letting me know, missy?!
  • nicole@knaka1020 totally busted. I have no excuse!
  • nicole@doug we went to favori our first night!
  • kozue_1020What r u guys doing here? Vaca?
  • taylor_pwtCool:)
  • kim@nicole so glad you did the trip!
  • nicole@knaka1020 yup just hanging out. You nearby?
  • kozue_1020Hmm about two hours from Tokyo. I don't suppose you're planning on going to Kyoto or anything?
  • nicole@knaka1020 not this trip-we head back tomorrow.
  • nicoleI will plan better next time! @knaka1020
  • standersHis eyes exceptionally happy!
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