Labor day!!! #TeamAlphaMale style
  • lastcall155Labor day!!! #TeamAlphaMale style

  • codyturbittmma@lastcall155 it would be my dream to train with you guys I'm 19 a 2-0 am fighter I know you hear this alot but you guys have the best team. Wish I was there but it's not what you know it's who you know..
  • codyturbittmma@lastcall155
  • lastcall155@codyturbitt says who? If its ur dream, make a plan and don't stop until u complete it. I'll be here waiting.
  • codyturbittmmaWell since the am fighting isn't payin the bills right now I had to sign up for the army, when I get out of bootcamp I want to come where you guys are at and train! Oh yeah and your team mate joseph benavidez is gonna destroy mighty mouse I can't wait!! @lastcall155
  • codyturbittmmaI got a fight January 26th for a am Spartyka in va it would be sick if you could come to my gym @knuckleupobx and do a seminar and train me before my fight bro. I understand if you are to busy though. Thanks man huge fan can't wait to see you fight again!!!
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