Enjoying some local fruits for breakfast using my Victorinox SuperTinker!
  • everydaycarryEnjoying some local fruits for breakfast using my Victorinox SuperTinker!

  • wintersam32good to see the knife made it, have fun and stay paleo! this is Sambo btw
  • annex.photosAwesome keep the updates going please, it's really interesting to see.
  • b_radlarsonAre they dragon fruit, lychee, longan, and some sort of trail mix?
  • kevinontheirmindshow did you bring the knife?
  • everydaycarry@samaggy32 thanks, I'm trying! Sugar and legumes are everywhere here. With all the gluten in the batter, the vegetable oil and soy sauce I'm probably only eating like 80% paleo 100% of my meals unfortunately. I passed by a Jollibee that was changing its vegetable oil, they apparently use just coconut oil. haha
    @lettucelover sure! I'll try, there are some cool things but for the most part not very relevant to EDC unfortunately.
    @b_radlarson On my plate going clockwise was dragonfruit, lanzones (kinda like lychee), rambutan (even moreso like lychee) and a paleo trail mix I made consisting of cashews, pecans, dairy/soy/gluten free chocolate nibs, dried mango and dried cranberries.
    @nowayitskevin In my check-in, not my carry on stuff.
  • chandraach@carrygram i see rambutan, r u @ philiphina now?
  • cpuneronetHawaii?
  • 333jhamThailand? Chomchom :-)
  • xistaqaxMmmm looks good
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