This is what I see when I look down
  • tameramowrytwoThis is what I see when I look down

  • myaj_1998Lolve the show and you and your sister
  • jai_luvsjailynHey prego, IM watching the show and just wanted to wish u well on the birth of ur baby. Tia is right!!! I two wanted to have a natural birth and I was pumped and ready but... My daughters heart rate started to drop and I has to go in for a emergency c section. I cried cuz I was scared and my plan of nine months was over but hey it wasn't up to me anymore, she wanted to do what she wanted and when she wanted. So prepare your mind and body for everything and u will b fine. Congrats doll.
  • only1nanydBeautiful belly :)
  • dafajitaBelly!!!!!!! :)
  • mrsgrogan2013Trying to find milky at destination maternity. Can not find it I am 30 weeks!! Please help
  • shannanlanaePretty
  • abana3Hello, I'm pregnant for the third and last time. I wanted to know where do I find milky.
  • iamdanibrittThis is cute :-)
  • wyitt1Precious 💖
  • laurynreed__Your Baby Bump is so cute! And so is your baby :)
  • 48angelsLol
  • jnicoleb_cpht@abana3 Any maternity store should have it. Destination Maternity has it for sure
  • abana3Thank you so very much. I can't seem to find it in houston
  • snaadubisLol
  • girlpowerempireAwwwwww lol
  • girlpowerempireNothing but circumference lol
  • royalsweetnesLol! Cute
  • mercywilsonI have the same picture!!
  • keannaxrankinsBaby Aden!!
  • jher1010Baby is big !
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