Denae and @imstartinova2 playing hand clapping games
  • dwill8Denae and @imstartinova2 playing hand clapping games

  • pduuuuubJJ getting ready to do work in BK! I see my backcourt is already getting to know each other
  • niish2petty@dwill8 its called slide
  • nickyt559Atta boy @dwill8 way to respond to a fan<
  • nickyt559Props and respect!
  • j_iri@dwill8 yo Deron u my favorite PG of all time, once the new jerseys are realeased im buyin yours...i had the privilage of seein u in person when u was wit utah facin the bobcats and u crossed up DJ Augustin and hit the game winnin jumper in his face! just need to let my favorite player kno he's got another fan.
  • thestepbackBrooklyn - we go hard
  • dmd59Blue nd orange till i die..nd u, melo,stat,j.r. nd tyson would have tha garden rockin..a dude could dream can't he..but u gonna do sum big things in BK my man wit ur thing homie nd as soon as i can find it ill b adding a fresh new #8 home jersey to the collection
  • mrflicksThat's why Joe being questioned about his heart lol chill with the hand slap games.
  • natekushgodNice Pic! Very proud to see the bonding of our Nets backcourt! Best of luck for next season D-Will!
  • twoshotsofwatevaCool joe!
  • bqmanI believe it's called pattycake 😂 @dwill8
  • luceeeoooo@imstartinova2 great way to work on that hand speed. Now you'll be gettin cookies on D
  • timetostartadultingforrealThat hand game is actually slide
  • fays.23Joe Johnson gotta chill b ..
  • victoothrowedNo wonder my boy Joe joined Brooklyn its all mutual love between him and Dwill over there. Good shit👍
  • will_labollita@dwill8
  • dumple22Joe Blow. An Atl Bum
  • _jeverydayLooks like they are playing slide.
  • t_camp4realI hope u and Joe have fun. The whole squad. But especially you and Joe.
  • cynthiatl04❤❤❤ This is about the cutest thing I've seen all day today!!! Love it!!! 💙💙💙
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