Tea, book, blanket, breeze, perfection. Happy first day of Fall! <3
  • photoallisonTea, book, blanket, breeze, perfection. Happy first day of Fall! <3

  • laurita2406Here in Phoenix feels like first day of summer. Lol. 106 degrees is not fall weather. I want cold, cant wait to bring out my boots.
  • dchazBoo
  • crystalgeebersIt's still blazing hot in SoCal. Even outside with a breeze! I don't know how you do it. Ha.
  • hana_bunbunWhat'cha reading?
  • sn_nhhow come fall doesn't start on the 1st of sep? in australia our seasons start on the 1st of every 3rd month (the start of spring was 1st sep!)
  • katarina_juPerfect 💗😍
  • bsq50p@ninhkinpoop I wana know too!
  • laurajbrunton@bsq50p @ninhkinpoop since the seasons officially change on the date of the equinox or solstice, depending on what season it is, this date changes every year but it usually the 20th or so 😃 hope that helps
  • itsannalewisOoooh, which book?
  • sn_nh@laurajporter thanks for the insight! We never calculate that here so i was completely clueless :D
  • xanyxandBook + tea = blissful
  • jessicalewitzkyThe owl pillow is amazing! Where's is from?
  • lubkazeYour owl cushion is lovely! Where can I get one? :D and everything matches with each other
  • sambukaaI want a owl pillow too!
  • pinkfreeze133That looks lush!
  • manasmith86@krolikovna we measure season differently in the states. Here the 22nd of September is the first day of fall
  • csillukaSo cozy!! Love your patio!!
  • csillukaSo cozy!! Love your patio!!
  • manasmith86@krolikovna where are you from, I thought it was measured the same everywhere. Makes me feel like I learned something new. :)
  • rosentornenSoo cozy :)
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