RIDICULOUSLY dorked out about this. #iPhone5 #xmasinseptember
  • herbadmotherRIDICULOUSLY dorked out about this. #iPhone5 #xmasinseptember

  • issamasI was, too!
  • the818Beyond jealous. Might have to take an instagramacation until I get over myself.
  • zchamuWant.
  • savvyinsanfranI am the same way BUT mine was attempted to be delivered the 20 minutes I left this morning to take my son to school! #somad
  • dawnk777When my dad bought iPads for my sisters and me, he had them delivered to a Best Buy near my house. Then he hand-delivered them at a pre-appointed time! Dad delivery works far better than a delivery service.
  • galexinaVery jelly. Is it as amazing as I'm thinking it is??
  • herbadmother@galexina more amazing :)
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