She's sexy! #iphone5
  • klaud00She's sexy! #iphone5

  • ladebs29Now don't let little hands on it.
  • tinkerbell.can.runKiki is over here all mad... He said "that's not fair we were the first to order & my sister woke up all late and she's the only one that got it"...
  • tinkerbell.can.runMe just to get him a lil more jealous told him.. "& she doesn't have to go early she can go whenever she wants & she'll get her phone"
  • klaud00Lol. I ordered the black one and Paulo wanted to be different and got the white one...and since the white one is on back order everywhere I was nice and gave him mine! :(((( only cause its his bday, now I have to wait for the white :(((((((
  • klaud00And I did have to wait 2 hrs! I was number 11
  • klaud00@msdebnieto they can play with the old 4s!!
  • tinkerbell.can.runOh that sucks! Well that was nice of you :) ...Yeah I ordered the white one too... I'm like no big deal & Kiki in the other hand you can imagine him....
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