"Murder suicide"... 👻👻👻
  • smashleybell"Murder suicide"... 👻👻👻

  • darlinjewelry:-)
  • atrueman957 minutes
  • kelcidannaI looove how evil you are becoming on #Revenge!!
  • yasm1ne@kelcidanna I feel the opposite, I can't stand her character now but I still like @smashleybell.
  • kelcidanna@jasm1na ya I mean I hate how she'd screw over Amanda... But I love the twist she brings... I mean yes I am cringing at the thought of her & Daniel because I loooved him & Amanda even though it was fake all along..
  • styleisntapassingtrendOh my goodness what! Daniel and Ashley get together?! I'm from UK and he has only just got out of prison here! Tell me mooooore!
  • teeeffjayBlimey. Seeing this has reminded me I forgot to watch Revenge tonight. Argh! Thank goodness for Sky plus series link!!
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