Dorm shopping Bed Bath and Beyond  who new so many pillow choices.
  • oprahDorm shopping Bed Bath and Beyond who new so many pillow choices.

  • zintathuYou are a parent !!!
  • fwag03This must be amazing for the girls. Great job O! How did u pick which girls u sponsor for college?
  • ohyeahitsamy@sandra_1010 This is Oprah and it was posted by her. It was taken at the Bed, Bath, & Beyond in my hometown of Framingham, Massachusetts. She also went to the Target, my hometown, One of my friends works at that Target and was working on the day Oprah was there. She saw her. Oprah probably had one of her 2 bodyguards take the photo but she posted it. The internet is full of spelling mistakes.
  • poeticstew::LOVE::
  • poeticstewsimply fantastic
  • lifecoachcandy.7@oprahwinfrey this is such a blessing ! May God continue to use you miss Oprah you are indeed a true vessel and an inspiration words cannot describe. People that have known friendships with you should count themselves honored to be among such influential greatness ! You truly are an amazing individual and may Gods favor continue on you so you can continue to bless others with your sweet spirit 😊xoxo
  • tre_tntGood luck ladies!!
  • heathermarieeemMet them at BC (:
  • denileah1@oprahwinfrey I love your glasses- and that yellow is a smashing color on you. Very nice.
  • gicela_p@oprahwinfrey I'm watching "Building a Dream," thank you to you, and all the girls for the inspiration. Makes me put my life into perspective. 💗👼🙏🙌🙇
  • _roudy11Can I go with you ...
  • issssabeellleDear Oprah I'm 11 years old and my mom made me watch building a dream it made me so sad. But i was very very happy that u gave grls my age education:)thank u
  • sireena_How lucky are they! If only..... @oprah
  • malnaggar@oprah can you help
  • badriyabbسبحان الله صار الخيلان كار واعتبار الله يصخر لنا هاذ هو اخر الزمان
  • uknowsbettaHi Oprah! Do you ever think you would open an all boy school in the DC area for black males??? I think black males have less privileges and more adversities than any other minority especially in the U.S. @oprah
  • uknowsbetta@oprah better yet, a school in another country for African American males!!!!
  • faisalmiles_montegoi would luv to shopout with you , buying erthih we need fvck the plc price @oprah
  • zooz.angel.1قمة التخلف الفكري الله يشفيك من تخلفك قال قال الخيلان اخر الزمان الناس الي تفكيرهم مثلك :'(
  • sislot23Yes it is a lot of choices. Went there for my daughter shopping in her Dorm 2 wks ago. I had my 20% coupon. Lol enjoy the college life and God Bless
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