Uploaded this cuz I wanted it editd
  • j_evans1219Uploaded this cuz I wanted it editd

  • cheelsibaker^ so true
  • anicholle19Garbage
  • thecdavisTrashy ass
  • gerrttySEXY......just because she can afford to look good don't mean u ugly asshoes gotta hate...get a job n maybe you all will look just as good ;) don't hate jenelle just cause she's beautiful lol
  • urfav.kWhy the hell hate in jenelle ???? Yes she's done some wrong but that's in the past sure the outfit shows some boobs but that's how she wants to wear it ! Girls tell her how that trashy but show the whole breast and their ass and guys wear the freaking pants up to their knees showing the ass an boxers like what the hell don't talk !
  • justine_adamsShe can post what she wants.
  • hello_motto22fake boobs
  • genevieveglessnerStupid.
  • christyyelizabethshe got fake tots so what..... Who cares loll so many girls do it HATERS
  • nancygreco77Body means nothing when your a crack whore, grow real boobs
  • muay_thai_1985@j_evans8209 sexy lady
  • bri_trap29Wow people if she didnt get the boob job you would hate on her for having small boobs but when she gets a boob job to feel better about herself you still hate on her. Yeah jenelle isn't a saint and has made mistakes but all of you have to. And im sure most of you girls have thought about getting a boob job before and im sure you all know what it's like to be insecure. And your just wasting your time because its not like she reads your shit anyway
  • k4te03me too i want this loll
  • sydnney_xoYour boobs get big after u have a baby
  • nanddnationWhere do u shop for ur clothes
  • bdizzlehughesYour boobs look amazing. Im gonna get mine done hopefully they look this good
  • miniz78Hot hot @j_evans8209
  • meghan1142Who cares if he boobs are fake or not that's her business not ours
  • meghan1142Her*
  • soulful.serenity_Nice jeans, cause that's what the picture is intended for
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