Look who I bumped into at 11 Madison Park. @diningwithflynn
  • tylerflorenceLook who I bumped into at 11 Madison Park. @diningwithflynn

  • katefnbarryI don't. I'm a piece of shit sous/ line chef that has worked my ass off and never relayed on a tv check for a
  • katefnbarryFuck kids. Sorry. Good for him but way too soon.
  • eternalsummersYour hair looks very Joe Strummer in this photo! Good job!!!
  • zoozieJeez.... Somebody's bitter.
  • emilyejtNo kidding.
  • mommy_bootleg@katefnbarry gonna say you are where you are b/c you are just so darn classy! You should't knock a kid because you are upset with your own life. Buck up, Buttercup. You have control of your own destiny. If you don't like it change it. If you just want to whine, you can remain as pitiful as you sound. @tylerflorence thank you for supporting a child that obviously is passionate. Passion grows and inspires others.
  • misstdjDesperation is not a good look for you @katefnbarry
  • tylerflorence@katefnbarry <- getting mad is healthy. If you are not happy with what line you are standing in, just change. Stand in a different line. Clarify your thoughts. Organize your priorities as a professional and change direction.... Today. Life is way to short to be unhappy, or unfulfilled. Getting mad about a situation often unlocks your emotions so you can see them clearly, in full light. The brave step forward and take chances. The next step is yours.
  • cheftaleandriWell said @tylerflorence .. As Chef's you should always be evolving and striving for better.. WELL SAID!!!
  • joannem521I am glad to see a young person find something to be passionate about other than the newest video game or overpriced gadget.
  • anthonyjbroAmen @tylerflorence, always loved the way you cook, one of the best chefs on the planet!!
  • sunsetgrilleTy you are brave man for answering a mad red sox fan. Great response.
  • bettycooksI understand exactly where @katefnbarry is comming from im going through the same nt
  • bettycooksBut i beleive you should never knock anyone else down and im happy @tylerflorence is even replying to us lol but also supporting the younger passionate chefs who need a guide and a teacher @katefnbarry
  • bettycooksPs @tylerflorence you should pass through Lexington Brass in Ny and ill show you passionate
  • tylerflorence@bettycooks <- passion is only first gear. Drive and determination get you where you want to go. There is lots of wild, unbridled passion out there. Great takes work.
  • bettycooksI beleive that :) @tylerflorence
  • ricksterhipster@tylerflorence what advice could you give to a 16 year old aspires to become a chef? should I go to cullinary school or just find classes to take? By the way I love all of your work! I made the Corn and Potato Chowder you featured on instagram not long ago for my family and they loved it!
  • katefnbarry@bettycooks @tylerflorence @misstdj @mommy_bootleg you're all right, few too gin and tonics and feelings of self pity is not a good look for me. Point taken by all. Looking ahead to a better today. Tyler I think it's admirable to inspire our next generation of passionate chefs that do it for the right reasons.
  • mommy_bootleg@katefnbarry everyone has these moments. I know that the culinary world is a stress only few experience... I took the easy way out and wish I stayed with culinary. But it all worked out in the end. I have a great job as a business analyst, an amazing family and I am happy! If you love what you are doing, maybe find somewhere else to do it b/c you seem unhappy. There are plenty I places that respect women and not knock them in the kitchen, you just need to make a change to find it. Good luck!
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