Awhhh! My other baby boy :)
  • j_evans1219Awhhh! My other baby boy :)

  • king_alonzo1@beeharrelson ur right all she talks about is that dog and her pothead bf
  • raiderfliirtzLook how ur loving on the dog do you give Jace love like that...
  • miss.steffanie@jaykesmommyyyy I know. Her mother isn't a very good parent at all. She's a lucky little girl to have my mom, paternal grandma, and myself, along with my other siblings. My youngest almost a year old (same sister) and he's being adopted out to his foster/adopt parents (Thank God). I don't want him around my sister period as bad as that sounds. She's a serious drug addict (heroine is her choice of drug). Makes me sick.
  • miss.steffanieYoungest nephew* @jaykesmommyyyy
  • raiderfliirtzI dnt hate you but I think you need to try a lil harder on being wit ur son.. Hes such a cute lil boy.. And ur mom shldnt be so mean.. Jus plz show us more on how u love ur son.. Im a single mom of a 15 yr old n a 10yr old no fathers ever.. Its a hard job but all u need to love ur child.. I party n get high n have a bf but theres always time for my kids.. They come first always.. Girl take care
  • sammiesweetheart_yes i no he lives with his grandma and it is sad :(
  • ladyinbluetm@misslucyyl I know! She's worthless, she gives her dog more live than her son
  • raiderfliirtz@arnasteina ive gone tru the same thing her mom needs to let her take care of her own son.. And YES she is mean.. An yea jenelle needs to grow up.. My mom tried to rule my kids but I was smart to put my foot down..
  • yanetdjJenelle don't want her son back cause if she did she would of never give custody to her mom, if she's such a fucking bitch like she said y would she want her raising her son. She don't give a fuck about him only her low life pot head br n that stupid dog. Like I said worthless piece of shit.
  • scoobymigz@yanetdj dude I agree, but not the dogs fault :/
  • hatmelissaQuieres más al perro que a tú hijo :/
  • cocoberettasuch a beauty pitty I miss my boy
  • carlylovexoxUm okay first of all jenelle didn't feel as if she could raise jace at that time in her life so yea she gave her mom TEMPORARY CUSTODY I think that's better than her raising him && not doing a good job of it so she was actually being responsible. So hop off of HER INSTAGRAM && leave her alone
  • carlylovexox&& do y'all realzie that she is not the only person in this world who has given their parents custody of their child bc they knew they weren't capable of doing it at that time in their lives. Y'all just hate on her bc she's on TV so stfu && quit hatin on her! I mean damn ...
  • lmorgan__@j_evans8209 why don't you take a picture with you're son.......
  • hookedxo_Brody is so cute!
  • rob.ro0908Ooooooo it's very cute this photo
  • alexa.aliaWhat a cuuuutie!!!! <3
  • heatherobnoxiousafIs that a pit?
  • elincomparable1Cute
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