Enter Elliston
  • heyvianEnter Elliston

  • ilandiiI wanna go! When does it end?
  • heyvian@ilandi Tonight? Starts at like 9:30. Last day is Aug 26th.
  • ilandiiYay okay maybe can go this weekend where do I get tix
  • heyvianI don't even know. Madi got us or tickets because she's volunteering at Global Fest. Online? @ilandi
  • mhvidberg@ilandi You can buy tickets at either gate when you get to the park. They're $15 each. Just make sure you're there early enough because box offices close at 9:00
  • mhvidbergAlso the 22nd is Brazil, 24th is USA, and the 26th is Canada (which they are expecting to be crazy busy). @ilandi
  • ilandii@mhvidberg thanks!
  • visitcalgaryThanks for sharing your amazing Calgary moment! Here it is on Capture Calgary: http://www.visitcalgary.com/capturecalgary/image/25171
  • heyvianWhat's awesome about Calgary? All the public parks. #yycphotovote
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