Jeans up close with the ol' #olloclip
  • boltronJeans up close with the ol' #olloclip

  • angiehayOuch my eyes hurt!!!! Good close up!
  • kbeautiful1I love my olloclip 😊 great picture 👍
  • jerriemc23Excellent
  • rharlowI swear this looks like a bunch of penguins.
  • boltron@rharlow mind blown
  • pkronfeldA true artist can make a mundane subject compelling. Great shot! @rharlow: your right, it does. Thanks, now I'm going to have nightmares about invading hordes of killer penguins.
  • boltron@pkronfeld hahaha hope not and thanks!
  • jubalum04Carpet...
  • andrews9lol I just took a similar photo, cynically, to change my iPhoto wallpaper. I think your carpet is cleaner.
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