Awkward. Edited with the Wood Camera app #ArtInstituteOfChicago #Art #LookingAtArt #ArtWatchers  #Chicago #igersChicago #WoodCamera
  • johnbarnettAwkward. Edited with the Wood Camera app #ArtInstituteOfChicago #Art #LookingAtArt #ArtWatchers #Chicago #igersChicago #WoodCamera

  • abdullah959أحد فهمها
  • monsumointeresting one!
  • hanoufah1991@abdullah959 للآسف الشديد لا بس وآضح إنه شيء يوجع الرآس
  • johnbarnett@monsumo I thought it was interesting how her purse strap divides her torso, similar to the art piece...
  • abdullah959Aاتوقع القلب. Bاتوقع العقل. وعلى هالحال7 حسب الأهميه
  • abdullah959اما الخط من فوق يحمل معنين واحد مش كويس والثاني ان ابن يرد الى ارذل العمر
  • abdullah959فلسفة صبح @hanoufah1991
  • hanoufah1991@abdullah959 شيء يقلق صرآحه ، حلووه الفلسفه بالأشيآء الثآنيه مو رسم يعقد
  • _linds_13@johnbarnett brilliant...
  • jonastonAnother awesome shot. Damn. I'm going to have to get to an art museum and go all Wood Camera.
  • jonastonDid you pose her? Or was this serendipitous?
  • johnbarnett@jonaston all of these are candid strangers--I don't think any of the people knew they were in the shots...
  • jonastonI assumed so. But these shots are really all so perfect. I had to ask.
  • johnbarnett@jonaston :) thanks--probably the most fun I've ever had in a museum. I like museums that let you take pics.
  • jonastonI kinda love that about Instagram and apps like Wood Camera. I look at things differently than I did before. Not that it's some kind of religious experience or something. And your shots of this museum really are inspiring me to get visit one myself - which I haven't done in YEARS.
  • johnbarnett@jonaston me too--I look at everything differently now. I've been a photographer for years, but Instagram has made me much more observant of great shots and the ever changing landscape around me...
  • jesmcdowellThis is great! I slowly started realizing you were allowed to take pictures! I thought you were sneaking all these in and running from guards! 😄 a brilliant series 👏
  • johnbarnett@jesmcdowell yes--there are only a few pieces that have a small "no photos" symbol, but other than those you could shoot anywhere :)
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