so I went to #pacsun and they had a really good deal.... #funny #cat #blackcat #cute #adorable #catsofinstagram #igdaily #instagood #instamood #instadaily #igers
  • islesandglaciersso I went to #pacsun and they had a really good deal.... #funny #cat #blackcat #cute #adorable #catsofinstagram #igdaily #instagood #instamood #instadaily #igers

  • josie_fiendThe yellow is a perfect foil for your kitty. 😊
  • erinbeth_Hey I'm writing on here cause I didnt want any of my creepy followers to see but yes ramat shalom!!! I am so excited!!! Did you go there!!?? I went to kol ami, and it's a little to snotty for me so I didn't want him to go there.
  • erinbeth_( I don't want creepers to know where he's going to school)*
  • islesandglaciers@eriningelido I am so sorry you have to deal with that, its unfortunately. nooo :( I went to the JCC but both of my sisters went to Ramat and it was such a lovely place. I know the director Marney Tokar retired so I don't know the new one but all of the teachers are so sweet.
  • erinbeth_That makes me so happy!!! We both really like how laid back and accepting they are. We are interfaith and so is his teacher an a lot of people there so i think it will be a good place for him! How old are your sisters?!
  • islesandglaciers@eriningelido it's amazing because there are a lot of interfaith and interracial kids that go there and no one cares. it's just such a great place to be, I love shabbat fridays and I miss them haha. the middle one, Jamie is 12 and the youngest one, Megan is 8. it's really great if you and Devin are involved with the school. My Mom was and she had so many pictures in the yearbook. If you ever want to text me about it you can, I just feel bad I keep sending all these long comments and you can trust me completely.
  • erinbeth_Yes! What is your number!? I'll text you now!
  • islesandglaciers@eriningelido 954 683 6409
  • jjamiepratt#instablackcats
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