Have been asked to photograph a wedding with just an iPhone. Here we go!
  • kimakimberlinHave been asked to photograph a wedding with just an iPhone. Here we go!

  • andyarsiteknice gear bro! Love it!
  • thebriefmomentproject@nylagray
  • nayoThat's what I'm talking about!
  • the_grisI just realized you are the photographer that had the article on fstoppers and shot that wedding with your iPhone. I have gone back to that blog post 10 times thinking 'my gosh what talent and craftiness to make that happen' very well done and truly a huge inspiration to always think ahead and keep challenging yourself.
  • kimakimberlin@the_gris wow thank you! It was definitely a challenge but such a fun one. I'd totally do it again :) thanks for your kind words!
  • the_gris@kimathomas You bet! I think I have been following and liking your photos for quite awhile but never realized you were the one that did that. So great! Thanks for all the likes, really appreciate it.
  • deckyrizkiadisuper cool, i wish i could do that.
  • the_grisAlright have a HUGE question to ask you. Want your professional opinion on my next camera purchase (aside from an AE-1 I am getting to experiments with film). I got a Canon t3 to start out my hobbyist love a year ago and got hooked. Looking to amp up the freelance in 2013 and have a few travel shoots setup for spring already!! Was wanting to see what you thought, I wanted the 60D but the release of the t4i ($610 body new) is tantalizing. Then also with the price drops of the 7D and 5Dii do you think I should just stick it out with the t3 til summer of next year and pull the trigger on a 7D or even a 5Dii? Or just pick up a 60D/t4i now? Would it be worth waiting for the larger cameras or would I be good with one of those? Just looking for something with better resolution, fps and built quality. Also something to last me at least 3-5 years. Thank you in advance if you have anytime to reply. Really appreciate any feedback!
  • the_grisNot to mention moving backwards to CF would be a bit of a struggle, always tough buying old tech. I was thinking a t4i with battery grip. To stick with a budget dslr with a solid resolution that could last me quite a few years.
  • kimakimberlin@the_gris I'd wait till you can get a 7D or 5Dii. There are quite a bit nicer than the 60D. That being said, the camera you have now is a great camera. I started on the older version of your camera and it got me pretty far. Also, if you don't have a 50mm f1.4, I'd get that next. Lenses can make a huge difference. I'm rocking a 5D mark i and its been fine for the past 5 years so I imagine when you upgrade it'll be the same for you! Good luck on the camera hunt. Always so much fun :)
  • the_gris@kimathomas Thank you do much. Really appreciate the time
  • the_gris@kimathomas Also I did ponder a 5Di because if the price but may look to wait. Thanks again!!
  • kellayguecooool
  • davidtattoom😱😍👏👏
  • erickimberlinSo rad! Is there a place you posted all the shots from this?
  • mariomrdddAwesome
  • acidburn1012so cool! heaven-ish
  • fromsfwithloveCrazy & amazing! And by the way, where did ya get those cute shoes? @kimathomas
  • designthusiast@kimathomas any interest in participating in www.whatdoyoucarry.com?
  • dutte_yeh , It's so cool
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