I may not have said if I'll go to 2014 Olympics but this guy is ready.
  • apoloantonohnoI may not have said if I'll go to 2014 Olympics but this guy is ready.

  • gingingin_92you ara great.
  • jimmers27Apolo are u back in Seattle by your dad?
  • julianna.jenniferPlease go, you are my biggest inspiration.
  • kayevemomWe know you have enough in ya...please say you will!! Let's get some more medals!! :)
  • danyeldyanDon't push yourself but, I really hope you go. Winter Olympics won't be the same without cheering you on!
  • mrsmittler@apoloantonohno He can come toi!!
  • seasidetvHe is just adorable! I hope you both go!
  • stephenwadams@apoloantonohno looks like my pup!
  • keybladescar_Come on Apollo you have to man
  • 74lleisyI'll go with you! ;)
  • xchristineeSo cute!:)
  • cbanagaI think you stand a way better chance than him. Please go! 🙏 You are so inspiring!! 👏 we love you!! ❤
  • kim_granthamThe day Apolo Ohno stops participating in the Winter 2014 Olympics is the day I stop living life!!! I wanna LIVE!!! Please say "OH YES" not OH NO! Lets go for allllll Golds in Sochi!!! We love you Apolo Ohno!!!!! <3
  • horvahunOmg its kermit
  • horvahunOmg its mr marbles!
  • daniellia_marieyour dog looks just like mine! good luuuuuuck!!
  • cheer_forever56You better go! Im a speedskater my self and watching you skate is so amazing! I love to watch how you skate so good!!!:) and I wanna watch you just one more time!!!!
  • mousefrauCute doggie!
  • helsceeIs he mixed with pekingese like my dog?? 🐶
  • itsgabeezy😍😍
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