History makers! 1-0 in Azteca!
  • mauriceeduHistory makers! 1-0 in Azteca!

  • notorious__007Haters gonna keep hating
  • notorious__007@brewcity77 I agree
  • notorious__007@halomarcooc Sad? GTFO! It's never a friendly when the USA and Mexico play.
  • __markopolo_@sox05 Wow I didn't know soccer in the US was this popular. Where have u guys been all this time.
  • notorious__007@halomarcooc The US doesn't do bad for a country where soccer is the 3rd or 4th most popular sport. Step yo game up Mexico!
  • __markopolo_@sox05 3rd? I would say 4th. The thing that Mexico needs is to play more like a team. A lot of selfish players on the squad. But Mexico has been the most successful team in Concacaf.
  • tony_adams14@halomarcooc you're all class man. Mis hermanos Mexicanos would have had yet another national goddamn fiesta had they beat us yet again at the Azteca. Learn what you're talking about before you go spouting off... There never has been, nor will there evere be, a "friendly" when these two sides meet. Don't be a wanker, give our lads the respect they Fing deserve for laying the wood to those guys. Go on boys! Go Team USA!!!
  • __markopolo_@tony_adams14 First of all good for the USA finally beating Mexico in the Azteca. Second of all no they wouldn't have a fiesta because they have beaten USA before. If anything USA is the one having a fiesta.
  • tony_adams14@halomarcooc tell yourself whatever u need to ease the stinging on your ass after u got spanked. Ironically, I bet you reside in my country bro. Come on, we took the bragging rights on this occasion, and you're damn right we're happy. Just like you'd have been had the mexicans not shit the bed.
  • __markopolo_@tony_adams14 You tell yourself whatever makes u feel good about your team that hasn't won anything yet. And on top of that a handful of the USA team are Mexican-American dumbass. Just like the one who scored the goal.
  • tony_adams14@halomarcooc can't argue with stupid. Best of luck
  • __markopolo_@tony_adams14 Best of Luck to you to prick.
  • notorious__007@halomarcooc Mexico hasn't been the most successful team in Concacaf, remember the 2002 Would Cup?
  • __markopolo_@sox05 Yes I do. Remember the 1999 Confederations Cup?
  • notorious__007LOL! World Cup > Confederation Cup
  • laura.v.torresLucky bastards!
  • notorious__007@laura_minack You mad?
  • rcorral27Eff yeah!!!
  • ashleypowardUmmm where was I again when this was happening!?!? @mauriceedu
  • moproblems_3Hell yeah America!
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