Yup! That's suede!!! #slightwork #phuckyolook
  • badgalririYup! That's suede!!! #slightwork #phuckyolook

  • tata_matadiDeff suede
  • sophistiratchetttt<3 @badgalriri creative
  • badgalbribri__That's the Cartier infinity band she and the late Gran Gran Dolly have :)
  • moynuldem sum wrinkly fingers lady
  • bammyyyyyFor the people saying its ugly , it's the nail polish made from black diamonds !
  • massmedicinalyea but your fingers are still ugly as fuck...how old are you again?! 76?!
  • _alicethomaserh shut up leave her alone. one picture you all hate. she has a picture of her with other celebs you all beg off of her. you lot are fake jakes &begs.
  • usually_rayvenHaaaa wow! Niggas really mad over how her hands look! Your obviously bored out of your MINNDDD!
  • massmedicinalsounds like you'd love my grandmas hands as well haha, my "math" was an exaggeration...your spelling on the other hand is terrible...I'm guessing that's some form of Ebonics?
  • pinkcupcakemoLmao 😂😂@massmedicinal @rihannafollowus is a retard
  • michellenipenUgh, your hands are wrincly...
  • hannah222wGross nail polish
  • beatrizzzz_zzLol gross nail polish ahh gtfo with your gross ass self ^
  • paylovebeauty_Peluche???
  • ruhnaenae@niina_valencia um no this is a 25 yr old hand
  • noraanne93Eyes !@ badgalriri
  • arzumuselSame nails atm right?
  • sircourtneyI always wonder what I could say to catch your attention... But I realize I don't know you. As many times as I've seen you, in person & media, you're still a stranger to me. I wish I could grab your attention... Just for a second to tell you how much I wish I did know you... & All the things you like, the things you dislike, but I know I'll never get that chance... I'll leave this though, you're a very beautiful woman, the desire of majority of people in this world... I wish I had a chance to be your friend. In my dreams, I guess... But good night! Sweet dreams, Robyn. 😙
  • curlsss.k@xox.mikaylaa @slaay.n_
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