Cottage #3 can be yours (or ours) for about $28,000.
  • designmomCottage #3 can be yours (or ours) for about $28,000.

  • reallytrishBeautiful. Where is this?
  • ifurieOmg I want to run away
  • megrussellYes please
  • teresaandersenWith age comes beauty...what an adventure
  • se7en_hoodsOh stop!!! You are killing the virtual traveller in me!!!
  • theproperblogWHAT?!! I must leave Denver. It's a sign.
  • mamagoochGabby, where is it exactly?
  • mamagoochand from which town is it 15 minutes?
  • jetkatphotooh my!!!
  • designmomIt's about 15-20 min from Argentan in Normandy which I think is the closest train station. But there are little towns with grocery stores and pharmacies about 5-10 mins away.
  • stephmodoFeel free to have your Ben call mine! We are happy to share everything we know about renovating a cottage in France.
  • lkwalderSeriously? If y'all don't buy it, I will!!
  • sarah_wdwolfI want it!!
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