2 CHAINZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #USA
  • cp32 CHAINZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #USA

  • de_cuev@jtothem
  • julioavalos_@cp3 can you please follow me you are my biggest idol you would make my whole year right now if you followed me. I watch all of your games and someday hope that I can be as good as you one day if you could please make my dream come true that would be so cool! @cp3
  • dawson_fennemaget prepared for another one this year
  • ryan_kelley12I really am your biggest fan and I always have been. I believe your the best to ever play. Yall gonna get to the finals bro. Just keep going. I believe in u and the Clippers.
  • torita29@cp3 Taking gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.. I want to see you play in Tokyo.. I love cp3♡
  • michael.parrington@cp3 your my idol your the only reason I play basketball you are the best basket ball player in the league I would just love to talk to you on the phone I love watching you play I really want to see you guys come to San Antonio it's a long drive from Austin but it would be worth it your my inspiration
  • tall_paul47002chainz
  • joshboy576@cp3 you are my idea my basketball number is 3
  • jaayyteeebæ👀😼💕 @ralph_geronimo14
  • laboyyOnly one number 3 @kirahoopz32 👊💢😤😤😤😤😆
  • iron_zj好歹拿了个冠军
  • ballislife810Best point gaurd closest to magic even better than jerry west all around
  • tracietuOmg that's my name @tommy_dos
  • joeyhig678Go you because you are the best player of NBA
  • nathan._2timesYou should have been caring the NBA championship trophy but it is ok 😭😭
  • onicolef@_bubbab5
  • _bubbab5Go to sleep @onicolef
  • joeairlongBeijing hey
  • jk_the_prince@gownsuh baby Paul
  • gownyewest@jk_the_prince this photo is 170 weeks ago John
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