At Bryant's Barber Shop in Flint, MI with business owner Norm Bryant (PHOTO):
  • corybookerAt Bryant's Barber Shop in Flint, MI with business owner Norm Bryant (PHOTO):

  • averys_my_girlWelcome to MI
  • allthatidoisdope#HeyyyBoo @corybooker! Wish I'd know you were in my state :(
  • juls3113We have a Rogers Foam Plant in the area... WOOT HOOT
  • kjerstiebLooking good!!
  • honeynectar17@corybooker glad u are having a grand time in The Great Lakes state! PURE MICHIGAN!
  • laynelayneNo disrespect mr mayor but uh.. U have no hair so I think that guy is ripping u off 😝
  • therealjustintuck91I'm sure that was his easiest cut ever lol
  • mepps2Welcome to Flint
  • tdymplesMy hometown! No place like it or the people.
  • anitalynch4lifeEasy client for him I'm sure
  • cortjohnsStay in Michigan!!! We need you.
  • russkellyHe took way off the top.. Ah! I'm kidding. I love you, man!
  • vonnediva😘😘😘
  • ssteffeyLove that you're in MI! Enjoy the mitten ☺
  • karanjasanUhm ur fakin - damn politicians :) love u tho - I wanna be in ur communications team when u run for governor and for Prez!! U know u will :)
  • mollcottYessss Michigan!! We need you're clone here pls
  • mssunshine1165There's nothing like a great barber! Great picture
  • brandonlyleMichigan?!?! Nice! They need a politician like you, maybe you'll rub off up there!
  • hvsoap_Okay, a picture that knocks me speechless. Too...many...jokes...just kidding - awesome picture dude. Says a lot about how you connect with people. You can feel the mutual respect.
  • msjerriceOmg! You're HERE?? Where? Why?
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