#Versace gold plated AK47 $9,000
  • tomierna#Versace gold plated AK47 $9,000

  • mikediserioNow thats mint.
  • tomierna@chilloutmel I don't own this i simply took a picture of it in East Hampton
  • codycarrasI need that!
  • josh_goshlingI bet you could've fed soooooo many starving children. But instead you let them die so you can have $64000 in toy AK47s for douchebags and tools to play with. Bahahaha! Like a camel through the eye of a needle, my friend.
  • j_bellldaaamn
  • _aartipatel@thedouggle Well... it's his money, or his parents', or whatever. Heh. They can choose how they want to use it. Haha. If they wanted to use it on this, then so be it. And by the way, not every child in Africa is starving to death. :p My parents and my sister are from Kenya. Lol.
  • josh_goshling@aartibacardi starving children doesn't mean starving Africans you dense twat. Pull your head out your ass and quit defending ignorance.
  • _aartipatelI'm sorry, you don't have to be rude... I was just assuming Africa because that's what I had read an article about 15 minutes before I saw this. I shouldn't have assumed, so I'm sorry. I was just saying. Cause it's their money. Heh. I didn't mean to piss you off though. @thedouggle
  • bullylifestyleShit is hard!
  • jusjb69Tight
  • jusjb69Tight
  • 69_sexyhalalgrocer_69jk :3
  • agnesgregoireDear Tomierna, I'm Agnes Gregoire, editor in chief at the french magazine PHOTO and I would like to publish and print this picture for an article about RKOI's Tumblr. Are you ok and would you be kind enough to send me the same picture in high resolution on agnes.gregoire@photo.fr ? Thank you so much. It's urgent !
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  • laulaowHello Tom
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  • the_boolin_bobbyWHERE DID YOU GET THIS?
  • sum_dog_millionare@wonder_bread64
  • sum_dog_millionare@wonder_bread26
  • sum_dog_millionare@wonderbread_26
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