At the Lupus Walk! #clubmo
  • feliciadayAt the Lupus Walk! #clubmo

  • sarahsmyleSweet shirt!
  • comixbookgurl
  • mkbI have a friend in SoCal who suffers from Lupus. Thanks so much for doing this.
  • chomjonesGood on you, Ms. Day!
  • hexomattOh man are you walking with Dichen Lachman?
  • infensusI was going to make an "it's not Lupus" joke but I feel as though that would cheapen what you've done today. My heart goes out to everyone who suffers from Lupus. C'mon, scientists, cure this already!
  • peksitaThx! I'm from Chile and a Lupus sourvivor! :) makes my day
  • moerelleSo awesome! Thanks so much for giving to such a great cause!
  • thatwankerIt's not lupus
  • ameliasuicideNever give up!
  • smartycartoonsPower to the supporters! Way to go Felicia.
  • fontgoddessI feel like there should be a Hipster meme version that's like "Breast cancer is sooooo mainstream. I'm racing for a cure for Lupus."
  • fontgoddessNot to say there is a disease that shouldn't be cared about and cured, of course. My mom has MCTD, the obscure, indie variant of lupus.
  • cameronthefrankMy mom has lupus. Bless your little heart!
  • perlaena😊it's nice see this picture I have Lupus, That's not cool😕, thanks for being such a great person 😘
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