Ayatollah #Khamenei meets with leading university students, discusses science, politics, culture and economic.
  • khamenei_irAyatollah #Khamenei meets with leading university students, discusses science, politics, culture and economic.

  • kurtjwHey dictator, why don't you stop oppressing your people? You're just a charlatan in a robe.
  • dwxyneIm gay. What would happen if I visit your country. Would I be killed?
  • liklukt@khoshbayan Too bad Ahmadinejad and the ayatollah fucks up for you guys. I hope you'll have a peaceful revolution soon, but please don't make the same mistake as you did the last time: Don't let religion govern your country.
  • rezaraeesi@dwxyne I hope one day you can visit and have a great time there, without such idiocy.
  • massoud151Does he know about what he discusses!!
  • e.spinozaدانشجوا گفتن که این رسم مردونگی نیست که توییتر و میلیونها وب سایت دیگه واسا مردم فیلتر باشه ولی واسا رهبر انقلاب آزاد؟
  • rkw408#swag
  • bengrantzI wonder what Jesus would say to each one of us? Don't let hate govern your hearts because you disagree with Iran's authority and way of life. Don't show foolishness with arrogance and insult. Be an inspiration and show tolerance and guidance to a world that doesn't share all your privileges. It is far too easy to sit on your computers and condemn another country.
  • oppositeofdecemberYeah, how about no. Instead of that goofball sheepish Christian garbage we should stand in solidarity with and support the Iranian people in overthrowing the theocratic dictatorship that runs their country. #ArabSpring
  • oppositeofdecemberAlso, dear Iranian PR team that runs this Instagram account: keep up the good work. You're providing a platform for people to criticize your regime worldwide.
  • jasonwhitehead@junitas Or we should allow the Iranian people elect their own government and accept the result whether we like it or not, like in #egypt last month
  • craaazyThese shots are boring. Was hoping to see some pretty Iranian women. Where are all the women??
  • tpedroncelliI'm honestly impressed that the Ayatollah/ his PR team is on here and allows the critical comments. Baby steps, but kudos nonetheless
  • abdulrazaq87الحساب الرسمي لآية الله السيد علي خامنئي @javar_lee @ashknani1988 @m7dashti
  • abdulrazaq87@mmalattar @bo_m7amad85 @al_bather @ali__zakariya @almomen85
  • khamenei_ir#خامنئي #khamenei #خامنه_ای #iran #ایران #shia #شباب #persian #مسلم #muslim #رهبر #rahbar #اسلام #islam #إيران #young
  • khamenei_leaderاللهم صل علی محمد و آل محمد و عجل فرجهم
  • entezar.zohor@khamenei_ir @khamenei_leader 💖
  • mohammad.t.g.t.gMy life is for the leader.... If he want my heart I get it out from my chest by my hands
  • hadi.cr7_عشقم 😍😍😍😍
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