Two huge flames — Chevron refinery in Richmond 🔥
  • hillaryTwo huge flames — Chevron refinery in Richmond 🔥

  • rahyaniouch!
  • msminnie4Hope every ones ok
  • michaelspeaksand now they'll raise gas prices to 9 bucks a gallon. Even though no gas produced here makes a difference on the world market
  • missnoenkgbu
  • icaanngwhat the
  • raksranI hope things would be under control soon. But this is not an official declaration, right?
  • raksranThe second one looks more like a huge flare.
  • yotanutIt's awesome.
  • stephdub@raksran the smaller one is a flare, which is actually a safety mechanism in refineries that allows them to burn hydrocarbons off in a safe manner
  • raksran@stephdub I know that. It was mere comment. Working in Oil and Gas industry only. Your helpfulness is appreciated. :)
  • dougmcgrayWhoa!
  • hillary@stephdub didn't know that. smarty.
  • stephdub@raksran I was just elaborating on your comment to describe what the flare was for for people who may not have known.
  • stephdub@hillary working in that refinery for 3 years taught me a lot, and left me with a pretty upsetting night last night :/
  • mif_alimoh, crap
  • raksran@stephdub that's why I appreciated your gesture.
  • niamh.egannwow that doesnt look to good are u ok???? did u stay safe???? or werent u actually there :/
  • kant_kodzokovi feel alike when i have diarrhea
  • neilisaiahxavierAir Pollution. :)
  • gabrielle_marinhoMuiitoo Linndo
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