Happy 4 days old of being a mommy face! 😊
  • snookiHappy 4 days old of being a mommy face! 😊

  • tuhimoanaYou look amazing for just having a baby :)
  • giac8You are adorable! Come back in Italy 💗💗💗
  • estersh16I love you so much :) kisses
  • estersh16I love you so much :) kisses
  • kerriganh12Omg this is prolly my fav face of u🇮🇹😁👌😊😍
  • kerriganh12Pic*
  • autumnasbThat's so rude of you to say @abbyapple97
  • bmoscometLol@kayteebabby
  • heavenleannaxoThat just shows your stupidity on childbirth and breastfeeding. Just breastfeeding a child alone can make you drop weight fast. Do you know how many calories you burn a day just by breastfeeding a child? Obviously not.
  • blurry_xoYou can lose weight fast from breast feeding and losing water weight I lost a lot in my 4-5th day...alot is water weight the baby ..and breast feeding does a lot
  • blurry_xo@abbyapple97 ^
  • blurry_xoYou burn so much calories breast feeding that you have to consume twice as much then when you were pregnant if you ate breast feeding
  • blurry_xoAre*
  • sillyold.bear@abbyapple97 you're an idiot.
  • blurry_xo@abbyapple97 everyone's different I guess with baby weight...I lost a lot after 4days cause I had mostly baby and water weight and breast feed...if you don't let your self go when prego you're gonna look great after most girls let them self go so it doesn't make most ppl believe you can lose weight fast. Snookie probably watch what she ate and was not lazy.
  • angielicasilva@catalinababy @abbyapple97 how about you both shut up!! It's a famous persons picture you guys probably look like idiots to her. She has no idea who the Fuck you are and i sure she doesnt care about any of you so you both need to grow up and stop fighting with people miles away from you who you DONT kno. Absolutely ridiculous.
  • angielicasilvaI'm on here cause you two idiots needed to be told something. Yeah I did comment on my own and? Little girls like u make me laugh @catalinababy
  • jaz.mmgHow adorable
  • sekhriamitThis is so not u
  • jenafreedShut the fuck up @abbyapple97
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