Just landed in NYC! Need more sleep! Two days till GMA!!!
  • skulleerozJust landed in NYC! Need more sleep! Two days till GMA!!!

  • mrsturnbow1Oh lord I read you guys were in nyc and almost had a heart attack thinking I was missing gma due to sponge bob lol. Thank heaven its not for 2 more days!!
  • djsandradeeWelcome to NY! 😊
  • yamariell@skulleeroz @backstreetboys can't wait to see u guys all 5 perform together live!!!! At least I'll set the DVR so I can see u guys later that day!!! ☺☺☺ #puertorico
  • sweetbabekaosI can't wait :)
  • bsb_crazygurl26Get all the sleep u can now cause u ain't gonna sleep when baby comes lol
  • tormented_beauty26Aww i wish i be there. Unfortunately i am needed else where. Its so good to have you guys back in the city. Cant wait for the tour. Love you guys!
  • shawn152Rest Up! We need you at 100%!!! :)
  • twiggy2288Welcome to NYC!!! I can't wait to see you on Friday. It's like a breath of fresh air bc I haven't seen you guys since last year (June).
  • alexandra522Rest! love u!<3
  • torikilburgYay!! I'm so excited to see your GMA performance.
  • cecita_dogloverYAY!!!!
  • miert_lYoure back that is great mised
  • miert_lYou
  • crazy4dogs7My very best friend and I are going to the VIP event tomorrow! Our first one and we are so excited!!
  • ivirarmentaYour face is very happy☺
  • ferxieeYou look so Gorgeous 😝❤
  • luvtwimiguelparisluvsmusic95Yeah, got to set my tivo!
  • malinavanillaPapasitooooooooooo!
  • jmelynamOK OK I'm an engaged mom and I'm still in love.
  • pucky_mcdBelieve me my love, I sleep enough for you and me, and all the boys
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