• rubysoho17429Troll! 😃
  • musicrulzmylifeAH! I used to collect these when I was little! :)
  • yanaezhv*-*
  • orshee84Oh, I had the same little troll like this, just with purple hair! :-)
  • sara_filNicki Minaj XD
  • paigeoverdosedHaha. Trollin', trollin', trollin' on the river. :3
  • marvey1I had one with purple hair!
  • gdminorityperuLove it!!!!
  • mag.victoriaAdie, you're such a great woman with great personality. I'm sure you make wonderful mother and a wife too. You'll always be my role model becaise there's no words how I could explain my love for you. Lots of love, Vicky.
  • fradamnAhah 😜✌ what's his name??
  • catherinerockI remember these from when I was much younger! Trolls are so amazing, makes me wanna find mine again! ^_^
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