seeepy head woke up from his nap!
  • macideshanebookoutseeepy head woke up from his nap!

  • thickathanuEvery time I watch the show I always say I love bentley he's just simply adorable :)
  • jazz_carterOh my gosh such a handsome boy @macideshanebookout
  • keepingupwith__j@macideshanebookout I think u are gud mother and ryan need to respect u and stop act like baby and be a men
  • aangiolillo@macideshanebookout Benny is the most beautiful child ever and you are the greatest teen mom! Never give up you are doing such a great job at raising your child
  • nini6410you are a awesome mom.
  • breaaaa_dWow he is soo big :(
  • dmariecxoxohe's my favorite teen mom child and you're my favorite mom. you're a great mom to Benny no matter what anyone says!
  • meaganlafleurrI'm ur biggest fan I LOVE YOU AND BENTLEY!!!!!
  • karenc__Cute
  • heatherboo916Mommy and son, so adorable. Beautiful family, he's all you need : )
  • blake.slagle@macideshanebookout god I love your smile !
  • blow_me_kisses143Maci, you're amazing at being a young teen mom you're gorgeous. Bentley is so adorable. I love watching teen mom with my friends. I love seeing you happy . I have never missed a teen mom episode. I just want you to know I think your the best mom ever. Good luck(: ❤ @macideshanebookout
  • simpsonscutie88Hi Maci I just wanted you to know that I love to watch the show just to see you & Bentley! I think your an amazing mother to Bentley! I had a little boy named Bentley that I named after your Bentley, but unfortunately my Bentley went to be with God 6 months ago due to a chromosomal disorder that no one told me about when I was pregnant with him! He was 6 weeks old when he left us.. Since then I have wanted to become a nicu nurse and have pursued this goal and I often think of you because you are a single mom and are going to school to make a future for yourself an Bentley an every time I feel like giving up I think of you! You are an inspiration to me! I have been thinking of starting some kind of program to make people aware of the possibilities of chromosomal defects
  • jennniferburton@simpsonscutie88 are amazing
  • simpsonscutie88Thank you so much @jenniferhannegan I try hard to make my son proud each an everyday an he had such an amazing care team In the nicu they made me feel like family! I want to do that for someone else!
  • katelynnnngapuzAre you and Kyle still together? @macideshanebookout
  • ericab5910Looks identical to you!!
  • carolynh1415@macideshanebookout TOO CUTE!
  • jaylen_jayrian2015Teen mom, was an awesome show,
  • raymond9319@macideshanebookout you are such a great mom, and I loved watching you! I wish they would have done at least one more season :( or you should just do your own television show!?
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