Ppsstt. I auditioned for The Voice! Watch the Blinds on 9/10 to see how I did!
  • cassadeepopePpsstt. I auditioned for The Voice! Watch the Blinds on 9/10 to see how I did!

  • ciaramolloyyAll four turned around @tastycupcakes
  • kay_pena_Omg thts so cool!!! I was trying to like restart it on my tv and it wont work so imma just search it on youtube ^.^
  • kay_pena_@surfergirl7506 thankkkkks
  • ciaramolloyyUr welcome
  • sk8boardteeYou were amazing on The Voice tonight Cassadee!
  • samanthaa_ngCassadee, im 12 years old and I'm a hug fan of yours !! You have my vote all the way ! I've watched your performances over and over again, you inspire me ! And talk about beautiful! I'm jealous !! You can do this <3 I really want to meet you... Pls! Can u PLEASE follow me it would mean so much!!! Pls comment back !!!! Your my role model !!!
  • wand_and_arrowYou were so good.
  • rizzfireYou have gone a long way. Keep it up. :-)
  • jamiefurr@cjaye11 her life was about to be flipped upside down <3
  • emmamackenzie4This should now say "I Won"!!!! Congrats girl!
  • anniedoyle8YOU WON 😂👌
  • anniedoyle8💜👏😊🙌😃
  • nicolehp_and now look! You won! :)
  • susan.cupoloU did great now u won lol
  • allyso.nYou auditions then won! Congratulations! I just want you to know that I love you and your music. You are an inspiration and I'm thinking about trying out for The Voice!! :) <3
  • jamie0926And won.
  • starlightbbysAwh ahh
  • cassadeeloveAnd won..............
  • tarynbeadlesIs it crazy to look back at this and see how far you've come and all the amazing things you've done since you won?!!
  • tarynbeadles@cassadeelove 😊
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