Chick-Fil-A Appreciation day. The line for the drive thru is about a quarter mile long.
  • ewericksonChick-Fil-A Appreciation day. The line for the drive thru is about a quarter mile long.

  • fannyburpingyou people make me ashamed to be american. how can you have so much hate in your hearts for fellow human beings?
  • bcmissildine@a_mandolin I truly hope that's sarcasm.
  • fannyburping@bcmissildine I am absolutely NOT being sarcastic. I don't understand how so many can so easily waste hours of the day by waiting around to eat a mediocre chicken sandwich that's terrible for your health, only to show hate for people that deserve the same rights and respect as every other human being. I don't understand how it is constitutional to hurt so many people who have done nothing wrong and only want the freedom to love whomever they choose.
  • bcmissildine@a_mandolin Today has nothing to do w/ anti-gay sentiment. Jump on Twitter & asked gay conservatives like @GayPatriot or @NorthDallas30 what they think today is abt: support of a company and its President that has been excoriated for expressing a personal belief. CFA does not neither a policy nor a history of descriminating against gays, either in hiring or service. Christians don't hate gays regardless of what liberals like to think (and want everyone else to believe). You want to take a courageous, pro-gay marriage stance, go find some devout Muslims and express your dismay w/ their belief that gas should be killed. It's a sad day in this country when support of something = hate of something else.
  • kristeekelleyI don't understand where people get off telling me where to eat! I don't understand where you get off infringing on Christian's first amendment rights! I don't understand how disagreeing with someone induces your hate, intolerance, slander and bigotry.
  • nakilisSo showing huge support for your favorite chicken sandwich means you must hate those who are attracted to their own sex? I think it is you people who make America shameful for your lack of valid points to be made.
  • nakilisIf eating Chic-fil-a is wrong then I don't wanna be right.
  • bluegrass_saintThe fact that CFA doesn't share your beliefs in same-sex marriage brings out your hate and bigotry. A true Christian company they are. Putting the lord over profits on Sunday is admirable. Glad we can have this debate but last time I checked, they do not check your sexual preference at the door. They greet everyone with a smile and are the most courteous people of any chain. Like them or not, you know where they stand. Eat there or don't. It is up to you to grace their establishment or go elsewhere. Boycotting gets you nowhere.
  • jkingtexasRomans 1:26 settles it!
  • richgoneChristianity. You're doing it wrong. John 13:34-35
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