With Pres Bollinger at future site of new engineering school
  • nycmayorsofficeWith Pres Bollinger at future site of new engineering school

  • ayishagiselWhere?
  • lizzytish35I just want to thank you Mr Mayor and Commissioner Ray Kelly for sending the message that the NYPD is there for the people in the neighborhood hotspots. When coming home Saturday night, there were cops at every corner with lights flashing and then in unmarked cars inward along with men on foot. I felt so safe. I know your on it when it comes to safety and aware that there's a problem with thugs and guns. Somedays I feel the armed forces just need to come here because I live in a war zone! It's always the innocent the weak and the friendly that r in the wrong place at the wrong time. Anyway thanks for that message! Hugs
  • 30cent_It is not the responsibility of the police to protect OUR community, that's the job for those within that community. This is what need because when the military comes they will kill, rape, and rob indiscriminately. Furthermore, the media here has not shown the men of the Nation of Islam going into our community promoting peace following the example of @Louisfarrakhan. Read his book Justifible Homicide it breaks down the plot of this govt to kill black males. It is also found in the Bible under Pharoah and The Children of Israel.
  • 30cent_The beauty is that there are those within our community who are attempting to stop the violence and help make peace and that God willing will spread. Lastly, this country was built on violence and war; as there are those that profit from it. Yet, the good news is God is present in the world and He is bringing in The Kingdom of God.
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