Driving while black ain't no joke!
  • officialtjholmesDriving while black ain't no joke!

  • devinebeauteWow! Gotz Ta Be Mo Careful!
  • canonincbThe cop is a blk woman. She pulled u over for other reasons @tjholmespics lol
  • newmonney🏃
  • tahreemShe prolly just seen u drive by and had to figure out a reason to pull you over 😉
  • tioluthaaw man! 🚓
  • sabrinag64When they ask for papers... You should say " Scissors" ... You win... Hopefully that will get u out of a ticket! 
  • jeremycmorganWow, this is news how? You got pulled over? The officer is a black woman, this is a pathetic attempt at race baiting.
  • mind_sweeperYou drive a corvette?!?!
  • graziella_saidOfficer I can explain......
  • brandee.moniqueDarn! That is not how anyone wants to start the week!!!
  • chiminycherooJeremycmorgan, if you look at the picture, you can see that the female officer is leaning over the passenger side of the patrol car and there is another person in the driver seat of the patrol car. The driver of the car directly behind TJ's car, as you might imagine, is the officer who pulled him over. The black officer was likely called in as backup, as officers often do with traffic stops.
  • chiminycherooOf course, the part where TJ tweeted "Officer has yet to give a reason for why he stopped me." is a pretty good clue as well. I feel like TJ knows the difference between the pronouns he and she as well as the typical physiological differences that accompany a male versus a female.
  • homalosaA retired traffic cop told me when in doubt they always nab the red car. So a black man in a nice red car is irresistable.
  • boytearsdamn. hopefully your windows weren't tinted and texting / phone usage was legal in that state SMH if anything ima bail you out tj 😌
  • rjwoodgettLooks like Cobb county
  • queenlavette1your car is red TJ. #:-)
  • iamkristiluvvHope every thing is going well with this situation
  • blackmorph1It happened to me as well TJ! I hope you do a show about this experience as well.
  • 1ad84fRed car, rural area and your Black? Recipe for a big problem! "Did you lean on the shield?"
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