Last one for the night! @robynsiobhan @a_pair_of_awesome_sneakers story in the comments. GOODNIGHT!!!
  • sarah_potter_mellarkLast one for the night! @robynsiobhan @a_pair_of_awesome_sneakers story in the comments. GOODNIGHT!!!

  • sarah_potter_mellark"No, Zack, I can't do this," I pull away from our kiss. "I'm sorry." I apologize. "Well then why did you kiss me back?" he releases his hand and puts it on my waist. "Because- well, I don't know Zack. I guess I like you too, but, I'm just not sure yet." He leans closer. "I know I'm sure." he tries to kiss me again, but instead I stand up. He does the same. I inhale and exhale. "I wanted to have a friendship, I don't think I'm ready for a relationship like this. Not yet." I turn around on my heel. He grabs my hand and spins me around, pulling me closer to him. "See? I know that you like me too. Why won't you just embrace reality Kat?" "but I need to focus on training. That's all I need to do right now." I say. I pull away from him, but his fingers are still intertwined with mine. "forget training right now, focus on us. What we could be together. We can fight together. Train together. Be together! Don't you want that?" I don't reply, I just rip my hand out of his and storm to the elevator that takes us down. I really hope I can walk fast enough so that he can't catch up. But, we are still in the abandoned area, so, of course he used his speed. "Wait, Kat. Just- let me say goodbye." His head tilts down to my level, and he kisses me again. And I let him. My hands find his waist, and I touch one of his hips. A chill runs through me. "first, tell me why you can only read some people's minds."
  • sarah_potter_mellarkI ask as he pulls away from me. "it's because that most of the people whose minds I read let me. They let their guard down, and even for one second, if they do let me in, then they can't put that barrier back up. But you," I look into his blue eyes, and they are almost an azure blue, like the sky. "nothing can knock you down. You're strong. And nobody can take that away from you." I smile. No. I have to snap out of it. I can't be attracted to him, no matter how much he tries to make me love him. I need to go now, it's about 1 and I haven't eaten lunch yet, so Declan will get a bit frustrated. My hand falls from his waist, and I walk past him. "goodbye, I will see you in the compound." I slip into an elevator whose doors are already closing, and Zack tries to slip in. He can't, of course. •••
    I arrive back at the compound at 1:30, and I already see Zack sitting with his usual table of friends. He must have ran. He must be telling his friends about our day together, and I cringe when I realize that Derek is going to hear that, and then come tease me about it. I walk past their table, and into my sector. I ignore Drew in the hallway, even though he greets me with a "hey." I rush into my room, and slam the door behind me. Nothing will be the same between me and Zack now. I just hope that my teammates won't find out.
  • tardisandteatimeit's amazing as usual!! goodnight!
  • anahiramirezaleI just started reading this and may I say it's really good, they are short, quick and to the point. I really like that. Good job and keep writing... I will await for more awesomeness. ;)
  • anahiramirezaleIn every chapter you can actually see your writing improving... Very good.
  • sarah_potter_mellark@5gaysandpaul thank you!! I really appreciate it! And I am getting feedback from some people, so that really helps too!
  • tylarchristineI wish i was as good as u
  • alayna_paige323Omg this is so good
  • sarah_potter_mellark@tyty0309 @alayna_paige323 thank you soooo much!!! When I publish a chapter, do you want me to tag you in it so that you can see it when I post it?
  • alayna_paige323@sarah_potter_mellark yes pleaseeeeee!!
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