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  • kimkardashianHis & Hers

  • mrs__daly@nikki212012 So u smartened up & made ya page private,huh? Lol, thank god cuz we don't need u scaring anymore innocent people with that face of yours! 😂😂😂😂😂
  • mrs__daly@nikki212012 U changed ya profile pic to something even more awful then before lol, my god u look like ur pushing at least 50! Lolllllll, I can't wit u! Did u forget ya dentures for the pic?????
  • mrs__daly@nikki212012 by the way next time u wanna talk about who's reusing lines......check the timeline humpty dumpty, I believe I was the 1st 1 to call ur homegirl washed up & u haven't stopped runnin wit the shit yet!!!! Lmaoooooo
  • duchesskristy#cipriani # Bellinis
  • nikki212012@msfree11 lmfao thas y i put " around it because i was quoting you cuz u sound stupid. Wat a dumb ass bitch. Lmfaoooooo what an idiot. Goodbye
  • mrs__daly@nikki212012 Hey humpty u still runnin ya mouth? Aren't u scared ya dentures will fall out? Lmaooooo, take ya scary fat ass to the zoo where u belong! Fuckin animal !!! 😭
  • nikki212012Lmfaooooo. U are toooooo fuunnnyyy&funnyblookin ctfu get tf outta my rob & "BIG" . Gooodd bye
  • nikki212012@msfree11 & as for dentures.....lol no i have teeth, u should be worried about gettin REAL hair. Haha. Meaning ur own. Oh wait thats right u have weave cuz it wont grow. Damn. :/ oh well. Bye
  • nikki212012@msfree11 &&&& u noticed my profile private but yet im soo "ugly" but u sittin up here puuusssyyyy sssttttaaalllkkkkiiinnnn, wwaaaatttt?! Lmfaoooooo ctfu. Hahaha
  • agirlhasnoname99_How long have you guys been dating? #kimkardashian
  • john_rosato@georgiecosta
  • georgiecosta@john_rosato my mate!!
  • simgekrblt#cipriani belliniiii love it!!
  • k.sultan.77Раб и богиня
  • gayana01@kuchmezov634 что себе позволяет этот черный?)))))
  • k.sultan.77Ахах
  • ellamcveighLove u 💖💖💖
  • dyissel_reaches his first photo yeii,i think ahahah😂😍💘
  • caroolgreen@uaisabella Kanye?
  • uaisabella@caroolgreen tá mt claro pra ser kkkk
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