I don't even know what you call this.... But I'm in it!!!
  • juleshoughI don't even know what you call this.... But I'm in it!!!

  • shellylucas6201Wow what a loser u r @born2beinporn
  • meetmrlopezAhahaha.
  • anacottAdorable!
  • ally_stakerHahah Jules :)
  • louloukins01@born2beinporn Then I'm done being nice to you...you can go fuck yourself...
  • megshugart@born2beinporn you have serious issues that need tending too!😳
  • sodivinebunnyBubble chair!
  • kimmaree15@cj2113 is right. @born2beinporn show some respect you disgusting little creature. And I'm pretty sure you are the one who likes cock, seeing as how you can't stop talking about it
  • manigfeald@sodivinebunny they call it an Egg Chair over here xD
  • s_reimerr@ziegfeld_girl 👍
  • lindarose032Cool!!
  • ashleylinzelI saw your picture in it and so I thought I would so the same and take a picture in the same spot
  • kristynxxxTht was the night I met u... I'm the one who gave u the safehaven jacket plzz respond it would mean soo much to me!!
  • msleishaU no there is a girl saying she is the real Julianne hough
  • msleishaAnd it's not u
  • sydsyd135@juleshough you inspire me everyday to live a happy positive life!! Thank you so much for everything! You put a smile on my face everyday! 😀 And might I say that you look absolutely gorgeous in this picture ❤❤
  • zoejenningssCAN I BE YOU.?
  • whittington_chris@juleshough you're adorable! xx
  • dolcinaa❤️@caterinalima
  • gina_golowskiHi Julianne! I am a huge fan of yours! I was assigned this school project in history where we have to interview a woman who is at the top of her career as a way of showing how great woman are and as a way to honor them! I being a fellow girl thought it would be great to interview you. Not only because you are highly ranked in your career but also, because you stand up for women and are proud to be one! For example, your work with Kind Campaign!! If you see this please respond so I can ask you some questions and have you be the person I interview for this project! Much love, respect, and appreciation for all that you do!❤️ Thanks😘
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