Watching the Opening Ceremony from our apartment with @bbarratt @blairevans3 @mel_schlanger @leisel_jones @jessschipper @kyliepalmer90
  • itsstephriceWatching the Opening Ceremony from our apartment with @bbarratt @blairevans3 @mel_schlanger @leisel_jones @jessschipper @kyliepalmer90

  • jessie_melb@itsstephrice hey steph just wanted to let you know how proud Australia is of you! You put in an amazing effort and tried your very best!!! Broke everyones heart seeing you upset!! 💚💛💚💛💚
  • jboustani@itsstephrice keep your head up girl. You have done your country very proud in London town, agree with ^^ @jessie_rene, it was heartbreaking to see you so upset.
  • ellieereynoldsWELL DONE STEPH!!!!!!
  • emily__liddellAw seeing you cry made me tear up! Broke my heart. You did us proud!! Australia loves you!
  • nataliew__@itsstephrice you're such an inspiration. You work so hard and make us so proud to be Australian. You're hard work and dedication make you an amazing athlete and you should be so proud of yourself. It was upsetting to see you cry and doubt yourself, you've done yourself and Australia proud :)
  • kate_leahy@itsstephrice well done gorgeous girl! Xxx
  • needapasswordYou did us AUSSIES proud steph , hold ur head up high mwahs xox
  • stephandthecity_@itsstephrice Why did you say you weren't aiming for gold? The olympics aren't about being on show.....everyone should aim for the best, gold!
  • mellyb8So proud watching you all at the Olympics. Aussie Aussie Aussie xxxx
  • sherie.cherrieGood luck!!! 😄☺😉
  • krissyofarrellEven though you didn't do as well a you hoped you're still everyobes favorite Olympian 
  • piper_mcdIs this the real Steph rice???
  • raquel.estrada@piper_mcd sure is! :)
  • mon_tanuseStephanie do u know a girl Jessica ashwood she's an Olympic swimmer for 2012 she's swimming 800m free she use to go to sladam club when she was younger she's on one of my trophies
  • mon_tanuseIn the Australian team
  • mon_tanusePlease answer
  • mon_tanuseSladem not sladam
  • katevarvoI love you so much you are the best swimmer I have ever seen in my life I was cheering you on the whole time at london 2012 olympic games again I LOVE YOU can you get kik my user name katevarvo8
  • danicarobertsAmazing girls, I look up to all of you guys as role models 😘
  • michellewak1m@itsstephrice i was wondering where you guys were
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