So honored to have been part of the First Lady's "Let's Move" event!
  • nastialiukinSo honored to have been part of the First Lady's "Let's Move" event!

  • cheslee_eliseIm guessing you don't believe in God then but i'm done arguing with you keep talking shit and bashing other people
  • cheslee_elise@john935
  • johnsonnier81@chezz_burnay I'm a strong Catholic, but there's a line between religion and politics. And I haven't been bashing on anybody, I'm simply stating the truth.
  • cheslee_eliseOk ! @john935
  • x.filesavage@nastialiukin
  • maiganwilliamsOboma completly messed up america....
  • vika020680👍👍👍
  • brittonica_luker@maigswim23 amen haha
  • __allornothing_@aparra210 right!! Because secret service accounts are so easily attainable. You can just google them huh?! You let us know where you found these accounts so we can all read them!!
  • unksponge@kenynle its a book by Ronald Kessler. Not to mention the dozen other books written by ex-secret service about their time protecting presidents. Jesus, get a clue. Btw, u can google quite a few....
  • __allornothing_@aparra210 it's hilarious how people like you read something and think you know everything. You need to get a clue!! Of course you will so readily believe anything negative you read without actually doing some research yourself. FYI everyone that writes a book has some bias and agenda for writing it.
  • unksponge@kenynle What exactly should I get a clue about? U thought these accounts were not result available when my "research" showed u that they are. Of course there are agendas, but Kessler writes about many administrations. It's not an anti Obama book. Talk about making judgment without reading it? Did u just read the whole book in the last twenty minutes so you could make an honest assessment? I doubt it
  • __allornothing_@aparra210 LOL your "research" consists if ONE book you mentioned and telling me to google highly sensitive secret service information!! You made a statement about the First Lady based on a book you read and supposed documents you googled. Again, people like you think you know very thing because you read A book. How about you read several hundreds like you should to actually make a claim like you did and let me know if you come up with the same conclusion!! That is what real research consists of, more than 1 source.
  • unksponge@kenynle well you are right on that, research is more than one source. Just remember, your opinion does not count as one.
  • __allornothing_@aparra210 Right, and neither does yours!!
  • unksponge@kenynle No, no Shaquita. Mine is.
  • __allornothing_@aparra210 such ignorance. But what else is expected from an uneducated ass like yourself billy bob!!
  • unksponge@kenynle lol, falling for the trolling. But of course, calling me billy bob and not knowing I have two Masters degrees isn't ignorance on your part is it now?
  • __allornothing_@aparra210 and calling me Shaquita not know that I have a masters degree in public policy and in my second year of getting my Juris Doctorate degree isn't ignorance on yours. Continue arguing with your ignorant self!!
  • unksponge@kenynle Shaquita, the difference is, I never called you uneducated. So go on and snap that neck girl! Lets keep the argument going!
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