#amex #centurion #platinum #gold #detgårbranu
  • dgdsn#amex #centurion #platinum #gold #detgårbranu

  • san1199@kabircs que te parece?
  • kabircsNivel!
  • kabircsNice!
  • shaneinthesixBoss life 💰💰💰💰💰 @dgdsn
  • taraguffeyTill daddy takes the credit cards away.
  • tyler_and_theTo bad, credit cards are not real money... Cant wait til life hits you like a ton of bricks.
  • dgdsn@tylerjmcneal To bad that u cant get a centurion without spending more then 1 000 000$ a year on your platinum card...
  • tyler_and_theIt's a good thing daddy makes enough. ;)
  • elementlifestyleWhy don't you put your money where your mouth is and let us do your travel. We are Element Lifestyle, the world's best and most exclusive travel consulting firm. experience@elementlifestyle.com
  • teachnlearnWhat's it like having cards like those?
  • dgdsn@sdmanson unfortunately another persob who comments without knowing shit. We are more than one person running this instagram therefore we can have more than one centurion.
  • prettypleasee17Please look at the designer jewellery on our Instagram. We can supply you with fine jewellery (mens and womens) for events/weddings/parties or for personal use! Our products also make great Christmas/Eid gifts! Our jewellery is made with fine materials eg. diamonds, pearls, gold and crystals. Please email us at order@theposhrocks.com to order or enquire.   
  • luigiambrosi@dgdsn you don't understand... Its not so hard to spend 100000€ a year on a credit card...
  • drewmxFive words: Future Member of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • dannyincolorHaha so many haters, love it!
  • vthornberg@luigiambrosi but you have to pay the bill at the end of the month ;)
  • lifeandtimesofthesampsons@dannyincolor tons of haters like that @tylerjmcneal is a biter old man hahaha @dgdsn keep it up
  • tyler_and_theHow am I old @lifeandtimesofthesampsons Im only 26 hahaha. Bitter, yes. This is true.
  • nick_raftopoulos@manoliskolonellos
  • iam.gustaHello, my name is Gustavo Henrique, I live in Brazil and I'm going through a hard time here with my family, I would ask your help ... If you can get in touch with me please
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