#cycletrip goes to the movies
  • scubarton#cycletrip goes to the movies

  • dswordsnshieldsThat is insanely cheap. The Century in Boulder charged an arm and a leg.
  • aowusu12That is cheap lol and yeah movies?? Lol
  • aowusu12@scubarton Omg.. This is where the shooting happened!! Hope you are ok and not around when it happened!!
  • caitlin_croninJust to let everyone know, Steve is okay.
  • danielleadarThanks god!!
  • kevingallifordGlad @scubarton is ok
  • tigerlil_brownWhat an odd thing that you recorded this...glad you are ok
  • cammjoJust read your story in the Washington Post. May God bless your soul. You are in my prayers dude.
  • que_l1ndaAlso read the article! Very inspirational, praying for strength and healing for you and others affected! @scubarton
  • suzannejabI also read the article. What an inspiration! I hope you get to finish your journey. Prayers to you, your friends and family.
  • worcesterpilatesYour story is amazing. Prayers to you and everyone else there that night! I hope you get to finish your journey!
  • marsl47I hope you fulfill your journey. God bless you.
  • kevmphotoHope you get better soon dude, thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved
  • pirrie@scubarton I hope you Ethan and Petra don't let this haunt you and that you can move on. Best wishes to you and all involved that night.
  • noel474@scubarton I read the Wash. Post story too. I'm glad you and your friends survived and are getting better. I'm sure you hear this a lot, but you are truly an inspiration. Best wishes to all of you, and God bless. I'm sure you'll complete your journey someday:)
  • bsnciCongratulation!!!!
  • jessiecburgessI read your article in the Washington Post also. You are an inspiration, and your story is what we will remember. God bless you, praying for you and all others involved in this unfortunate disastor.
  • _itsbee__Get better sooon!!!! ((hugs))
  • msjohnsonkI am speechless. Read about all I could read and Im just speechless. God bless you guys
  • somethingaboutchristinaI saw you and heard you speak at 3Rs day today. Thank you for sharing your story and teaching me and the students a very important lesson today. Also, I've heard of couch surfing before and have always wanted to do it! Again, thank you so much for your inspiring words.
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