How this movie isn't called "Occupy Dance St" is beyond me.
  • nickkrollHow this movie isn't called "Occupy Dance St" is beyond me.

  • the_games_afootWill they point their toes while pooping in public?
  • xxfatkid666xxWhy? This is gonna be terrible!
  • misspoppytartDance St is corrupt? 💩
  • sharifalillianWhy its not called piece of shit is beyond me.
  • czarcasm_jonesI hope it's in 3-D. You can't tell if I'm being sarcastic or not.
  • danoxmasThey're going after "The Mob" in this movie. The only logical next step is to set the sequel in the slums of Mexico so they can have a dance-off with the cartel.
  • benjeebShould be called Step Up to Get Served: Electric Boogaloo!
  • johannluna@nickkroll I was in this poppy movie
  • killercrabcake@nickkroll should be called no one gives a shit about shitty movies...
  • kaitlin.milliganI wonder if you'll notice if I comment on a really old photo (also I really hope you actually watched this movie)
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