Rocked Croatia!  Good Night! #gnrontour ⚡💀⚡
  • gunsnrosesRocked Croatia! Good Night! #gnrontour ⚡💀⚡

  • alpachiris@themonsterunderthebed you are a retard.. go home asshole!
  • bamlettThis isn't 'new' Guns n Roses @themonsterunderthebed they're actually just called Guns n Roses and they seem to be doing prettttty well without Slash nowadays! Thank you for your concern though, very thoughtful! Move along...
  • jhan33@themonsterunderthebed take your left hand and make a gun with your hand, know hold your left hand to your forhead with the back of your hand to your forhead above your left eye. Now take a pic and post it! It will show what you are. LOSER! GNR is just GNR. Anybody who's was with the band walked away for whatever reason. You wouldn't be here if you didn't care! @gunsnroses @waxlrose
  • _chloedinWish I could be there! Please come to Scotland!!
  • staceyb6886The haters are everywhere. I happen to love GnR. Things change and life goes on.....
  • thelimamFico puto com essa conversinha de New Guns... Se eh viuva do Slash, foda-se vc e o Charlie Sheen! Guns rocks! Axl rocks!
  • laurenvrockI use to be upset Slash wasnt in the band til i saw these guys last december, they fuckin rocked. I love axl and slash and they are both doing great with what they are doing these days. Guns N Roses<3 kickass.
  • openbottlehereOmggg <3
  • anton3laCome again!
  • mnaranjo9The new GN'R are totally better, it was worth the wait that Axl put us through.
  • ffazzioo_ccarla❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • ffazzioo_ccarla❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • lucyhainestotally better?
  • libizweigLove you guy
  • thaynamacegossaI love you ♥
  • milemazPleaseeee come again to COLOMBIA. We love u guys
  • styropianLove u guys 5ever-more than 4ever :*
  • lednrosesI love you all <33
  • giufurlansCome to Brazil São Paulo <333
  • cilicivanWill you ever come back to Croatia
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