Some weird spongebob episode lmao
  • j_evans1219Some weird spongebob episode lmao

  • babyg_mommaOmg this shit entertains me everyday Jesus Christ you people have a lot to say but I bet if y'all meet her in person y'all would think different I know her and tv is tv she it what y'all think she is get over y'all self they pay her to be like that shut the fuck up people.... Give her a break fuck
  • babyg_mommaJace auntie kourtney loves you hope too see y'all soon!!!
  • babyg_mommaYea people just act Stupied... Jenelle laughs at this shit @calikayla91
  • leannbaybeeJace is so presh. Lol omg always some crazy argument or life story from someone on your pictures.
  • sirrenity35You ppl need to get a life and stfu
  • camdensmommmyThats why its such a horrible show for kids jenelle espically as young as jace put on disney jr !
  • mrw7180I'm diggin the bottle of ranch dressing on the et center
  • hannahclonchhhIt's really sad when everyone cares about a bottle of ranch. It really shows how much of a life you really need.
  • breannanoltingHey why you got fabreeze if sentsy works so well
  • abroadbrunetteCause she smells like shiiiit
  • ashleigh.007If yall are just talking shit why even bother fallowing her? If you don't even like her and she upsets you so much went waste you're time looking at her pictures? Its not making any sense to me
  • xoxo_itsempressSo y'all bash her as a mother & the picture she has with her son all you can talk about is ranch.?!! Smh...
  • sionne.bI use scentsy and it works great. I spray the linen freeze on my bed cause I just love the fresh linen smell
  • bridgetmckeeverLol I see ranch
  • shakayla94Hidden valley tho!
  • 333momma333Ok..eww
  • jennuhh_linFeel so sad for this little boy
  • kennediefrostHaha i like dat one
  • clbell80I hear ya..this lil boy is so cute..feel so sad for him
  • thatcool_mulattoI don't know why people are saying they feel sad for him. This little boy has a mother and a grandmother that loves him and supports him.
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